Tips to Freshen Your Home

A fresh healthy home is something we all strive for. There are several ways we can contribute to making the air in our home more fresh. First we can prevent the dirt, dust and allergens from entering our home. Second we can freshen the air that is already in our home.

Prevent dust and dirt from entering your home

Take your shoes off at the door. You will decrease the dirt and dust tracked into the house. Dirt and dust from outside can increase the allergens in your home. This dust also gets into the air and on your knick knacks and causes more housework.

If you have pets brush them regularly. If possible brush them outside the home. If they go outside try to clean their paws as they enter as well. (This has the same effect as you taking of your shoes)

Keep a door mat in front of the door to decrease dust and dirt from entering the home. I have one outside the door and another just inside. There are a lot of attractive mats that can add beauty to your home as well.

Clean the dryer vent. It can get blocked, which results in dust coming back into your home rather than being routed outside. Don’t forget to clean the lint trap in your dryer after every load as well.

Freshen the air in your home

Use plants that clean the air. Plants can help you maintain a fresh home by cleaning the … Read More

Sheepskin Rugs for a Healthy Home

Home health and comfort is important to everyone. If you or someone in your family has allergies, it is important to try to keep the environment as clean and clear as possible. Choosing your home decor items carefully can enhance your home environment and provide a healthier living situation for your family.

Natural sheepskin rugs have long been used for warmth in homes. One of the most important animal skins associated with Biblical references was sheepskin. When lambs were used for sacrifices or food, the pelts were used for clothing and bedding. The wool provided soft cushions for sleeping and warmth during cold winters. Shepherds and travelers used the sheepskins for cloaks or coats to ward off the chill.

In modern times, we are not only concerned with warmth and comfort; we also desire to create a healthy environment. Because sheepskin is naturally hypo-allergenic, common allergens do not “lodge” in the fibers. Wool has a unique quality that repels small dust and dirt particles, so sheepskin rugs are easily cleaned by frequent shaking. Therefore, the use of sheepskin wool rugs in one’s home helps to keep the air cleaner and healthier, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

Modern leather tanning and curing methods have been developed to support a clean environment. Most wool processing establishments now make use of environmentally safe products for softening and preserving the wool and sheepskins. They recycle water and have developed some innovative water purification systems. Natural sheepskin rugs and wool products … Read More

Why Carpet Cleaning Is Essential to a Healthy Home Environment

Every homeowner wants their home to look good. One way is by covering key areas of or the entire floor with a plush carpet. However, if not carefully maintained, your carpet can be a cause of health problems among your family members. Dirt, dust mites and allergens can accumulate deep within the carpet fibers, which may cause or even aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

To prevent this from happening, you will need to clean your carpet in order to remove all the dirt and allergens that have permeated deep among the fibers. There are two specific ways by which carpets should be maintained – first is vacuuming it and second is by steam cleaning.

Vacuuming of the carpet should be done regularly, preferably once or twice a week. However, for carpets that see heavy traffic, daily vacuuming may be necessary.

Before you vacuum your carpet, remove all clutter, such as toy parts, small toys and tiny items such as rubber bands, marbles and paper clips. These items can ruin your vacuum’s mechanism if they get sucked inside. You can also sweep or brush away loose soil or dirt that are just sitting on the carpet surfaces in order to prevent them from permeating deeper into the fibers.

The right way to vacuum properly is by first doing slow, straight forward and backward motions in one section. To get even more dirt out, you can also do diagonal sweeps. Make sure that you have thoroughly vacuumed one … Read More

Different Types of Spill Kit and When to Use Them

Spills can happen in any environment. Factories and plants, which often have to use oil and or other chemicals in operations, are the usual users of spill kits. There are also spill kits designed for water or hydrocarbon liquid. In this article, the three types of spill kits and when to use each kit will be discussed.

Different Types of Spill Kit and When to Use Them

What Is a Spill Kit?

Most emergency spill kit products are kits used when dealing with a certain kind of spill. It consists of a collection of items that are used to clean up the spill safely and without hurting someone in the process. There are three kinds of items inside a kit, the first one is the personal protective equipment of PPE for the personnel who will clean the spill. It serves as a protection and to avoid endangering the assigned personnel. An example of a PPE is protective gloves or masks. The second one is the actual tools that will be used to clean the spill. Sorbents which are designed to absorb the certain liquid. The third type is tools that help in containing the leakage. Containers that can handle the liquid are usually included. There are three different types of spill kits: the oil spill kit, chemical spill kit, and the universal spill kit. Usage of designated spill kit is required to prevent accidents in cleaning the spill. 

Oil Spill Kit

An oil spill kit is used when dealing with oil and can be used on different types of environments. … Read More

Beautiful Fencing Options to Improve Your Property

There are several ways to improve the look of your property. Curb appeal is important and one of the easiest ways to boost it is with attractive fencing that works properly. Nothing is more distracting than a worn, old fence or one that you have to struggle with to use. Leaning fences are a danger to people on your property and surrounding properties and could cause you legal problems as well. It is easy to get an attractive fence installed and it has the potential of not only boosting curb appeal but your property’s value as well. 

Beautiful Fencing Options to Improve Your Property

You will want to seek out a knowledgeable and experienced fence contractor who can give you an accurate, free quote. Be sure to check their credentials and ensure that they only perform permitted work on your property or you could end up wasting time and money. This is not a job for unlicensed people. An experienced contractor will be able to discuss your ideas and provide samples of the materials and colors for the fencing to help you make a decision or narrow down your choices. 

Some people want a living fence or hedge and your fencing expert can make this happen. Ask about their experience with this type of fence before committing. You will be able to keep your yard private and attractive with a small to moderate amount of effort. A living fence does require maintenance to keep it in a uniform shape or it may grow a bit out of … Read More