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3 Alternative Addiction Programs

Addictions have a way of tripping up the lives of people who are doing their best to get by. Like anything else, not everyone overcomes their demons. Some do fall prey to the monster, but many more do manage to rise above and live the rest of their lives sober. If you have tried the 12-step program, but you relapsed, you should not give up. You are encouraged to start the program as many times as necessary. Halfway houses in maryland can also help those who cannot get over the hump by themselves.

Here are three alternative addiction programs to consider.

Harm Reduction

Although harm reduction is controversial, it takes a realistic approach. If you truly cannot become sober, you are allowed to drink or engage in other substances that cause you harm. The hope is that you will wean yourself off by allowing you to use them moderately. The more an addict is denied their substance of choice, the more they may be drawn to it. The result is the opposite of a path toward sobriety and potentially toward a more harmful one.

Holistic Treatment

For some with addiction issues, shifting their focus works. The holistic addiction program incorporates exercise, nutrition and meditation as well art, music and animal therapy. Recovering from an addiction is about healing your mind and body, and if you focus on keeping your body full of nutrients, strong and active, you may experience less substance cravings. It is widely noted that exercise releases endorphins, and these endorphins can very well replace the rush and highs you used to get from your substance of choice.

Life Process

The life process programs asks a recovering addict to evaluate their life. Often available as an online course, you will go through a series of questions and tasks. You will be asked to determine your values and purpose, find your motivation and develop life skills. There is also a portion where you will be asked to build relationships in your community and mend relationships that were broken during your addiction period. The goal is to prevent relapse by building a person’s self-worth when sober.

Anyone who has fallen into addiction can bounce back. For those who would like to regain their sobriety through an alternative program, harm reduction, holistic treatment and life process program are some options. Otherwise, seek help through a halfway house.