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Water Heaters and Their Maintenance

If you own a water heater, then you will definitely want it to last for a very long time. And though typically water heaters last for about 10 to 12 years, you can make it last even longer if you know how to maintain it properly. There are actually so many ways to maintain your water heater to make it last for many more years to come. Today, we will be discussing some of the best ways in which you can maintain your water heater to last you for much longer. Here now are the top 3 ways to maintain your water heater.

The first maintenance tip to keeping your water heater functioning properly is to inspect it annually. If you let a professional inspect your water heater, he or she can find the parts of your water heater that are no longer functioning as they should be. When you find these problems at an early stage, it will still be simple to repair it. It is never pleasant when you have to buy a new water heater or spend a lot on major repairs all because you did not think of giving it an annual inspection to find the problems at an early stage. So an annual inspection is a good way to maintain your water heaters.

Another really great way to maintain your water heater is through regularly draining and flushing. If you do not do this to your water heater, then small particles will start to accumulate in your water heater, thus making it very inefficient to heat the water. However, one thing you should note when flushing and draining your water heater is to never drain or flush it in areas that can be damaged, like your lawn for example. Your water heater will never experience a block up from tiny particles if you keep flushing or draining it. This is another great way to maintain your water heater.

The last maintenance tip that we will be talking about to make your water heater last longer is by making sure that it has enough space. This is especially important if you have a gas water heater. A place that is too crowded will not allow your gas heater to get enough oxygen to efficiently heat the water up. The reason why this is really bad is because your gas water heater will work overtime when it does not have efficient amounts of oxygen, thus making it more susceptible to damage. You want your water heater to last longer than usual? Then you should help it out by making sure you place it in a place where it is very spacious and not crowded.