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5 Things to Consider When Starting a Home Decor Business

5 Things to Consider When Starting a Home Decor Business

There are many things to consider when starting a new business, everything from location, staffing, and hours worked must be decided before your business can actually take off. These decisions must be made and the must be enforced, otherwise your customers will not know when you are available to work or how to get in contact with you.

The first thing you must consider when starting a home Decor business is how your payment is going to go. Are people supposed to give you money up front so you can purchase exactly what they need to complete their Decor, or are you going to keep detailed records and hope the client pays their bill at the end of the service? This can be one of the most awkward and a difficult part of starting a home business, no matter what its purpose is.

The second thing you must consider is your hourly rate. Do you charge an hourly rate, or is there a fee for the entire ordeal (consult, shopping, actually doing the decorating, and the final review). Some people will prefer one way or the other, but a decision must be made so that you have a hard and fast rule to fall back on if someone attempts to neglect to pay you for your hard work and time. You also should look into the rules for small claims court in your area, because it may need to be initiated at some point.

The third thing you should consider when starting a home Decor business is the idea of possibly spending some time with the clients outside of their home first. That way, you can discuss what they would like over a cup of coffee instead of you being distracted trying to “remake the room” in your mind. This will keep them on track as well, and they aren’t embarrassed by their terrible living room because you haven’t seen it yet. This will also foster a laid back friendship-type vibe with your clients and they will trust your recommendations.

The fourth thing you should consider when you are starting this business is your location. If you are in a poorer community or a community that most of the families do their own decorating, you may have a hard time finding enough work to keep your business going, especially if you price is beyond the average person’s budget. Cater your business to the people you hope hire you.

The fifth and final thing you should consider with this business is the fact that if you have a wild or outlandish style preference; many people will not want that in their living room. You must consider and understand that your sense of style may not be the same as the clients, and you are there as a consultant only. The client will have to see this room for the rest of their lives living at that home, so if they like more muted color schemes, by all means, use them. Overall, there are many considerations to decide upon before starting a home Decor business.