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Some Important Facts Regarding Garden Design Whatever design period or style your landscape or garden came from, it all boils down to the fact that they make use of the same basic design principles. In order to bring about a well-designed garden it is important to pay close attention to its color and tone, texture, light and shade, space division, scale, and unity. Garden designers must also be mindful about the seasonal changes and the maturation of plants. And lastly, time must be considered that is not all the same with other decorative and fine arts. Unity is the first thing to consider.
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Gardens nowadays typically lack the unity factor most likely because these days people are currently living in and influenced by the contemporary era. People are living hectic lives where there is little to no room for patching up their gardens and even their lives. The overall goal, however, for unity is to give a strength of purpose or totality to the garden design. Ensuring garden unity is not immediately obtained by making use of certain unifying elements such as texture and tone and color.
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Gardens nowadays make use of an inward design because not all people can afford to live in country estates where the horizon is easily seem over the hill. However, this does not mean that such gardens cannot be designed in a static or progressive manner. The progressive kind of garden design is capable of leading the eyes down an axis. The static type of garden design, on the other hand, ensures that the eyes are able to focus on other parts of the garden by building it in a central open space. Another factor worthy of consideration is scale. No matter your garden design, scale must always be taken into account. You should know that even an outdoor room will have to compete with the sky’s vastness. It is important to take into account the laws of perspective as well as ample proportion of your design. Your garden or landscape space must be defined, and it should be in regard to human scale. For your garden to relate more with other people, if you happen to have assets of enormous size such as gigantic trees, you should include a buffer or transition of medium scale. Now as regards the scale of the your garden design, you can choose one of two choices. You can prefer to have each part fit together as one whole part. On the other hand, you may get to choose a part that dominates well on your entire garden. This is one method of creating a focal point. You should also consider the reaction that you get with your eyes. A view is lengthened as you look down while it is shortened while you look uphill. When you place your garden boundaries in shade, you get to either blue or enlarge them.