Cholesterol Test At Home

CardioChek Household Cholesterol Device

Cholesterol Test At HomeThe CardioChek is a hand-held device that measures total cholesterol, HDL cholesterol, and triglycerides that you can buy for property use. The CardioChek website lists CVS, Walgreen’s, and Walmart as retailers, along with many on-line distributors that I’ve in no way heard of. I purchased a device at CVS for $99, test strips for $14.95 every single for HDL and total cholesterol.

Home cholesterol tests price involving $14 (for the type that uses paper strips) and $125 (for a hand-held automatic cholesterol device that tests total cholesterol, LDL , HDL, and triglycerides ). That may possibly sound like a pretty fantastic deal, as even the larger-finish devices would save you trips to – and waiting time at – the doctor’s office or healthcare laboratory.

Or maybe you never have healthcare insurance coverage and can not get a medical doctor to accept you with out it. In one particular case, a man made use of his house cholesterol test kit to test his entire family in order to convince them to go for a a lot more in depth cholesterol screening.

If your cholesterol test results are high, you really should seek health-related tips A higher level could indicate a moderate or larger risk of heart disease Your doctor can follow up with extra cholesterol tests or recommend a cholesterol-lowering diet and physical exercise plan.

The most effective factor about at household cholesterol test can do for you is providing you a explanation to enhance your wellness by working out, eating far better, stopping poor habits, and/or going to the physician to have your cholesterol tested more extensively.