In an effort to promote affordable housing that is also safe, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan announced last year that he was creating two new grant programs. The grants were awarded through HUD’s Office of Healthy Home and Lead Hazard Control. Near the end of 2010, after the program has been up and running for few months, Secretary Donovan announced that it has been a great success.

Close to $100 million was allocated to two programs aimed at removing health and safety hazards that put children at risk. LEAP – the Operation Lead Elimination Action Program – was created to address lead paint hazards. A maximum of $2 million is available to each grantee, which must not be government entities. Only non-profit or for-profit private sector business and organizations are eligible. When funding requests are being evaluated, points are awarded to those requests that have matching funds available – potentially turning a $2 million grant into $4 million.

The other program deemed a success by Secretary Donovan is the Healthy Homes Demonstration Grant Program. This program was created to address health and safety hazards other than lead paint. Issues such as mold, allergens, carbon monoxide and safety risks like obstructed pathways are just some of the problems corrected with money from this program. Award recipients are required to submit a Quality Assurance Plan, and a full assessment of the housing units for which the grant will be used. No less than 65 percent of money awarded must be spend … Read More

Home health and comfort is important to everyone. If you or someone in your family has allergies, it is important to try to keep the environment as clean and clear as possible. Choosing your home decor items carefully can enhance your home environment and provide a healthier living situation for your family.

Natural sheepskin rugs have long been used for warmth in homes. One of the most important animal skins associated with Biblical references was sheepskin. When lambs were used for sacrifices or food, the pelts were used for clothing and bedding. The wool provided soft cushions for sleeping and warmth during cold winters. Shepherds and travelers used the sheepskins for cloaks or coats to ward off the chill.

In modern times, we are not only concerned with warmth and comfort; we also desire to create a healthy environment. Because sheepskin is naturally hypo-allergenic, common allergens do not “lodge” in the fibers. Wool has a unique quality that repels small dust and dirt particles, so sheepskin rugs are easily cleaned by frequent shaking. Therefore, the use of sheepskin wool rugs in one’s home helps to keep the air cleaner and healthier, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

Modern leather tanning and curing methods have been developed to support a clean environment. Most wool processing establishments now make use of environmentally safe products for softening and preserving the wool and sheepskins. They recycle water and have developed some innovative water purification systems. Natural sheepskin rugs and wool products … Read More

Every homeowner wants their home to look good. One way is by covering key areas of or the entire floor with a plush carpet. However, if not carefully maintained, your carpet can be a cause of health problems among your family members. Dirt, dust mites and allergens can accumulate deep within the carpet fibers, which may cause or even aggravate allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

To prevent this from happening, you will need to clean your carpet in order to remove all the dirt and allergens that have permeated deep among the fibers. There are two specific ways by which carpets should be maintained – first is vacuuming it and second is by steam cleaning.

Vacuuming of the carpet should be done regularly, preferably once or twice a week. However, for carpets that see heavy traffic, daily vacuuming may be necessary.

Before you vacuum your carpet, remove all clutter, such as toy parts, small toys and tiny items such as rubber bands, marbles and paper clips. These items can ruin your vacuum’s mechanism if they get sucked inside. You can also sweep or brush away loose soil or dirt that are just sitting on the carpet surfaces in order to prevent them from permeating deeper into the fibers.

The right way to vacuum properly is by first doing slow, straight forward and backward motions in one section. To get even more dirt out, you can also do diagonal sweeps. Make sure that you have thoroughly vacuumed one … Read More

Carpet cleaning is perhaps one of the most underestimated services that can be performed in your home. It is very important, not only for appearance, but also for the health of the entire house. This article will tell you just a few of the many reasons why you should have your carpet cleaned at least once every year.

The first reason to have your carpet cleaned, is the most obvious one. Carpet cleaning makes your floors look like new again so that you get more enjoyment out of your home. There is nothing like a fresh and clean carpet to make your house look good. Watch people when they come into your home. Often the first thing they do is look down and if your carpet is not in good shape at sets the tone for their visit. A good looking carpet is also important if you are selling your home, potential buyers often start looking further to try to find other defects in your home.

Another reason to have your carpet cleaned once a year, is to make it last. The fact is that a clean carpet will last much longer than dirty one. This is because dirt is an abrasive and if left on a carpet will slowly wear it down. Every time you or a family member steps on your dirty carpet, you are grinding it into the fiber, causing millions of little scratches. These scratches will, over time, make your carpet look dull and … Read More

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If they are as well huge to be wash in your washer, lay the rug on an open location of your floor to clean them. Before you start, make positive that you have somewhere outdoors to either hang or lay the rug to dry. Subsequent, you need to gather all the issues that you will require for region rug cleaning, such as hot water, carpet cleaning answer, and a soft bristled brush. Do not pour the cleaning resolution on the rug but put it in a spray bottle so you can evenly spray the complete rug. Make sure that you cover each area of the rug, especially on the edges. Often this region is missed when you are performing location rug cleaning.

In this approach, a specially formulated powder is applied to the carpet. This powder attracts and retains dirt and … Read More