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Different Types of Spill Kit and When to Use Them

Spills can happen in any environment. Factories and plants, which often have to use oil and or other chemicals in operations, are the usual users of spill kits. There are also spill kits designed for water or hydrocarbon liquid. In this article, the three types of spill kits and when to use each kit will be discussed.

Different Types of Spill Kit and When to Use Them

What Is a Spill Kit?

Most emergency spill kit products are kits used when dealing with a certain kind of spill. It consists of a collection of items that are used to clean up the spill safely and without hurting someone in the process. There are three kinds of items inside a kit, the first one is the personal protective equipment of PPE for the personnel who will clean the spill. It serves as a protection and to avoid endangering the assigned personnel. An example of a PPE is protective gloves or masks. The second one is the actual tools that will be used to clean the spill. Sorbents which are designed to absorb the certain liquid. The third type is tools that help in containing the leakage. Containers that can handle the liquid are usually included. There are three different types of spill kits: the oil spill kit, chemical spill kit, and the universal spill kit. Usage of designated spill kit is required to prevent accidents in cleaning the spill. 

Oil Spill Kit

An oil spill kit is used when dealing with oil and can be used on different types of environments. This kit is important for workplaces that deals with oil like machine maintenance, cars, and other tasks that needed to use grease or oil. Contents will differ depending on the location of the spill. Some kits are designed to deal on leaks indoors, outdoors, and near a waterway. 7 liters of oil can be absorbed with the smallest kit available right now. However, the largest oil spill kit can absorb up to 475 liters of oil.

Chemical Spill Kit

A chemical spill kit is used when dealing with hazardous chemicals that might injure humans and other living things upon contact. If the chemical spilled is poisonous when inhaled, hazmat or hazchem will also be included in the kit. The common sorbents used in chemical spills are in the shape of pads, or universal spill pillows. It is also common to find sand in the mix to help the sorbent in absorbing the chemicals spilled. Since chemicals are potent and might affect health, chemical spill kits often have neutralizers such as calcium carbonate or sodium bicarbonate. Included in the PPE are specialized gloves, goggles, disposable coats, and shoe covers.

Universal Spill Kit

A universal spill kit is for multipurpose spills which are less potent than chemicals or oils. Fluids that falls into this spill kit are water, degreasers, paint, and even blood. Although these spills are less potent, it is always required to use PPE no matter what the spill is. A secured bucket holds the spilled content is also necessary to avoid spreading the leakage that might cause unexpected trouble.