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Finished Basement – Ceiling Lights And Sub Floors

Finished Basement - Ceiling Lights And Sub Floors

In the last article, we went over how your ceiling options and left you which has a decision to create. Hopefully, you know very well what form of ceiling you desire so we can layout your ceiling lighting. There are several options in lighting on the market today from recessed to fluorescent, even halogen style. It comes to lighting your financial budget could be the limit!

First off we’ll discuss recessed lighting. These lights are popular for their capacity to “hide” in space and offer direct lighting with an area. They install in a very canister that must be planned for and mounted in your ceiling. This is especially tricky in the matter of drop ceilings so plan accordingly. They will need a degree of space around them in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines for safety purposes. These lights are very effective in living rooms also to highlight objects in the room.

Next, off we’re going to have a look at fluorescent lighting. These lights range in dimensions, shape, and expenses. They let off a cleaner white light than a typical light bulb but a majority of individuals don’t look after it. Think of the lighting in a workplace or such if you desire a reference point. These lights work for a long time but can make some noise with time. They require a ballast to power the lamp and therefore are included in the sunshine but this is typically what wears out and caused flickering lights and noise with time.

Halogen lighting is transforming into a popular method to obtain light nowadays in this remodel. They offer warm light and are very compact. They are perfect for small areas as well as for highlighting walls or art. They also have a ballast inside the light but since yet I have not been aware of one flickering or causing noise just like a fluorescent style light. For a larger area, I would avoid these for the time being though.

The last option we will discuss in lighting may be the everyday light bulb. These are cheap to own installed and if you have a properly rated electrical box put in can be changed into a ceiling fan also. Most homeowners will still find this the most attractive and practical installation because of their purposes. With today’s modern compact fluorescent light bulbs they’ve even become energy-efficient!

Let’s begin to talk about subflooring now. In your basement, you are going to more than likely have a cement floor. For comfort reasons, and also to reduce mildewing possibilities, modern basement remodels will put in a subfloor. These contain whether two by four and plywood base or even a modern plastic underlay. They lift your future flooring from the cement creating an air barrier that assists to keep the cold from coming through your carpet or any other flooring. Plywood is a great selection for the charge conscious but occupies a greater amount of spaced lowering ceiling heights. For owners with low ceilings or bigger budgets, today’s plastic underlayment might be a superior option.

In the subsequent article within this series on basement remodeling, we will go over flooring choices and cabinet installations.