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Home Style Dog Treats

Home Style Dog Treats

There are many people today that have chosen to forego the common kibbles of the world in favor of making their own dog foods, and now the same can be said about treats as well with home style dog treats. There are several great things that you can give your dog that you will purchase at a special canine boutique, yet you will easily find that these can be costly. This is because the treats are prepared by hand, and they are usually made from organic ingredients.

When it comes right down to it, there really is no reason why you cannot do this yourself and save some money. All you really need is:

o 1 cup of cornmeal

o 1/3 cup vegetable oil

o 2 cups of whole flour

o 1 cup of water

o 1 tablespoon of salt

o 1 egg

Easy To Make

If you have decided that you want to make home style dog treats, then you will actually be relieved to know that they are very simple to prepare. You do not need to be a professional baker to make these treats for your dog; all you need is the desire to do something special for them. Like all recipes that are created for dogs, you can mix things up a bit, as this will offer the dog more variety. One of the most silent yet assumed complaints with dogs is that you would be sure that they lack variety and flavorful foods. It is with this in mind, that people look to find ways to ensure that their dog has what they will appreciate. Finding the right mix is the first step in creating a wonderful snack for your dog. They will enjoy it, as you can bet you will too.

It’s Worth It

If you have decided that you are going to make your own home style dog treats, you are not only showing your dog that you want them to have the best you are showing them that they are worth the effort. If you can take the time out of your day to prepare things for your family, why would you not do the same for your dog? More and more people today are seeing the benefits of making their own foods as well as dog treats, and the dogs are happy that you are willing to do so.

Inexpensive Options

If you are looking to make inexpensive home style dog treats, you are not going to have to look all over the globe for ingredients that will make this happen. The fact is, these ingredients can be found at your local grocery store, and the entire recipe should call for no more than 7-8 dollars to make. This will keep things cheap, as you most likely have at the very least half of the ingredients already handy in your own kitchen. This will allow you to simply pick up what you are lacking during your next store trip.