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Home Style Teaching – A Handbook For Parents and Teachers – An Overview of Books

Home Style Teaching - A Handbook For Parents and Teachers - An Overview of Books

In the field of education as seen today, there may be a tendency to see it as an ‘us versus them’ mentality when it comes to who is more responsible for children’s education. On one side of the line are parents; on the other hand are the teachers.

From a purely academic point of view, the teaching profession believes that the profession truly qualifies as the best way for a child to get a proper education because society is considered acceptable. From a practical position, parents feel the need to have a big influence on their children regarding what curriculum is presented that best suits their children’s educational needs.

In the middle of this situation comes Raymond and Dorothy Moore. Known throughout the world as people who are fully qualified in academics, they also take the reason for the right of parents to determine what is best for their children. From this position we found an extraordinary book that discusses both perspectives entitled “Home Style Teaching”.

“Home Style Teaching” is more than just another book written that positions itself as the best for children from the point of view of parents. This also takes the teacher’s side, understanding why they are so excited about their perspectives when it comes to children’s education. “Home Style Teaching” is a good resource for teachers and parents because it determines to eliminate the differences between the two camps and accentuates the positive side each offers.

The following are excerpts from the authors of “Home Style Teaching” Raymond and Dorothy Moore, who explain their own reasons for writing this book from the start:

“Home Style Teaching is a simplified research-based handbook designed for parents and professional teachers and for student teachers who are worried about being professional. Parents can be schoolchildren or those who want to help their children who have problems with school or are being This book sets out to clarify what education should really be and to make the art and science of teaching as understandable, successful and thrilling as this book, we hope to take parents and teachers by hand and lead them to courage and wisdom in wrong one of the greatest of all professions. “

From the beginning “Home Style Teaching” set the stage for collaboration between teachers, parents and students. In the sections contained in this powerful book you will find answers to problems such as ‘Being a Good Teacher’ for ‘Some Teaching Secrets That Are Not Practiced in General’. You will get insights from “Home Style Teaching” as you explore issues such as ‘What Do We Mean by Curriculum’ and ‘How Children Develop’. As a bonus, in the appendix, you are given the names of famous people who were educated at home, as a source of encouragement that it can be done correctly and successfully.

In “Home Style Teaching”, the author encourages homeschooling choices without giving the impression it must be mandated for all. As a result, it can be read from the perspective of only learning what is best for children’s education, whether it is accepted in a public, private or home school environment.

Raymond and Dorothy Moore have placed between the pages of the “Style of Teaching Home” ray of hope that will unite both parents and teachers to build a common foundation; to agree that what they both want is that the child receives the best form of education, which results in their best chance to succeed in the world as a productive member of society.