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Valentines Day: Choosing the Best Roses for Valentines Day Valentines day originated in honoring Saint Valentinus, which is as part of a western Christian liturgical feast day, and is recognized as a significant commercial and cultural celebration every 14th of February in different parts of the world. Roses is the most sought flower given in Valentines day which is a tested tradition all over the world. Roses have wide variety of colors, sizes and fragrances, and it conveys a lot of meanings such as love, beauty, loyalty, and even war and politics. Roses are universal, with wide variety of uses, growing across the world, and ones considered the most sacred flower in Egypt. Roses as given gifts on Valentines Day is a lovely and a classic idea that will always win you great amount of points from the one you’re giving it to, but make sure that the color you choose matches your true feelings. Giving red roses is a traditional way of saying “I love you.” which symbolizes romantic love, beauty, respect, courage and congratulations. White roses symbolizes true love, innocence, purity, humility, reverence, youthfulness and charm. Pink roses is best given to a friend during Valentine’s Day, because it symbolizes appreciation, perfect happiness, grace, admiration, gentleness and gratefulness. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, joy, gladness, delight, new beginnings, remembrance and welcome back. Orange or coral colors is a reflection of enthusiasm, fascination and desire. Giving peach roses symbolizes intimacy, and it’s like saying “Let’s make this a memorable Valentine’s Day.” or “Let’s get together.”. The classification of roses are species, old garden roses and modern roses, wherein old roses are the predecessors of modern roses, resulting of crossbreeding hybrid tea with the polyanthus or primrose. Modern roses are vibrant and rich and the most popular roses found in this classification are Floribunda roses, Hybrid Tea roses and Grandiflora roses. Roses can be grown in a well-drained soil that has optimum source of sunlight, and warm temperatures and clay soils are always preferred to grow them. Most rose varieties are grown through cuttings, seed propagation or budding, and you can order rose seeds online to fill your garden with colorful and beautiful roses. To remove broken and bruised roots, you need to always trim and do severe pruning. It you don’t want to go through the hassle of planting and cultivating just to harvest the most beautiful rose, you can order online fast, especially for a gift during Valentine’s Day.
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It is really endearing giving the freshest Valentine’s Day flower arrangements to the person you love, from red roses to white lilies and other flower combination. For Valentine’s Day and any important occasion, you may contact us now for your orders, because we provide standard and express delivery service for all of your flower needs. Our flower shop offers a wide selection of roses and other flowers,a s well as different beautiful flower arrangements you can choose from. We deliver flower arrangements on time for any occasion such Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day, Graduation Day or your wedding day.Smart Tips For Finding Florists