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How to Select The Best Products For Your Hairs?

How to Select The Best Products For Your Hairs?

Do you have everything you need to take care of your hair?

With so many options to pamper your hair, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when choosing. Guide to know how to search for each ベストケンコー product.

1. Ampoules

The ampoules have a high concentration of substances that serve to treat the hair deeply. Some are concentrated to be used alone, but they also get ampoules that are mixed with the combs and the treatment masks. They are useful to give shine, remove volume, repair and moisturize. Opt for recognized brands because there are cheaper options that can affect the pH of the hair.

2. Shampoo

Shampoo should be used for each type of hair because choosing the wrong one can affect its pH and make hair dull, dry or oily. The hydration routine should contain in addition to the shampoo, mask and cream to comb. ベストケンコー products are best for the usages.

3. Conditioner

The conditioner of ベストケンコー pharmacy is best for the hair. Thick fiber hair does not usually need it, unlike thin hair that tends to get tangled. There are conditioners for before and after shampooing, others that do not need shampoo, that do not rinse and for dry hair. Which one to choose depends on the time available and if you are looking for a fresh and natural look or one that is fixed and finished.

4. Serum

It is a product designed to hydrate the tips of hair that are most affected by the effects of environmental factors, treatments, irons and dryers. In a nutshell, it’s a cuticle sealer that protects hair from the heat of appliances.

5. Iron

When choosing a hair straightened, the most important thing is to look at the material of the plates that are in direct contact with the hair. They must slide well and offer protection. One of the best materials for this purpose is ceramics, because it provides a stable temperature and allows the hair to slide well between the plates, reducing friction and static electricity. Some models come with built-in ionizers that counteract the positive ions of the hair, smooth it and leave it softer and brighter.

6. Brush

You should choose those made with natural bristles that are less harmful to the scalp and produce fewer frizzes.

– Cylindrical brush:  It is ideal to form curls, waves, bend the tips and give volume.

– Flat brush: It gives texture to the hair and is excellent for smoothing and giving shine when drying.

– Ventilated brush:  Allows dryer air to pass directly to the hair. It is ideal for women with little time looking to shape their hair.

– Thermal Brush:  Generates heat and is used to give a wavy style to the hair without using a curling iron.

7. Dryer

The technology in terms of dryers is broad and you can choose the most appropriate depending on each need. On the market are dryers with ions that give shine to hair and suppress static electricity. The tourmaline dryers emit infrared heat which reduces the drying time while adding light to the hair. There are also ceramic dryers that maintain the same air temperature all the time and facilitate the molding of the hair.