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Reasons Why Log Homes Are Very Popular Log homes are very popular and is known in all parts of the world. Log homes actually has a lot of advantages. If you do not want to stay in a noisy neighborhood, then you should stay in a log home that is in the middle of the forest. Statistics show that it is more efficient to use bigger logs so it can prevent noise from entering the home. This logs can also lessen the sound that comes from appliances in the house. There are different kinds of logs that they use to make log homes. Milled logs, green logs, glue laminated logs and air dried logs are the types of logs. There are also different types of construction method that you can choose from. Here is an example; The flat on flat method is for flattened logs that will create a system that will prevent different kinds of elements to enter the log home, and the tongue and groove method uses milled logs so that logs are aligned to one another. Log homes are only built by stacking them together and using dowel joints. The logs will compress in just a few years that is why nails are not advisable. This kind of home is mostly used in Sweden, Baltic states, Finland and in Russia. Another advantage of log homes is that it maintains energy efficiency. Logs are not the same as other kinds of building materials since it can really absorb heat. Statistics show that this is more energy efficient than brick houses and concrete homes. The density of logs are responsible for the reducing the heating and cooling costs. This is actually an important factor to consider, since it is beneficial for the manufacturer and the consumer.
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You have a number of options when it comes to choosing the style of your log home. You can either search the internet to look at designs or hire a designer. Log homes are usually built in the forest so make sure that it will meet all of your needs and wants. Before you build a log home, make sure that you choose the best location and the size. Other things that you must consider is the design, the placement of the tank, the source of your water supply, the square footage and the power supply. Log homes are environment friendly and healthy houses since they are created with natural and renewable materials. Before they only build log houses for gyms, garden cabins, garages, but now they are made for people to live in. The life span of log houses are long. Logs are actually very durable.