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Sheepskin Rugs for a Healthy Home

Home health and comfort is important to everyone. If you or someone in your family has allergies, it is important to try to keep the environment as clean and clear as possible. Choosing your home decor items carefully can enhance your home environment and provide a healthier living situation for your family.

Natural sheepskin rugs have long been used for warmth in homes. One of the most important animal skins associated with Biblical references was sheepskin. When lambs were used for sacrifices or food, the pelts were used for clothing and bedding. The wool provided soft cushions for sleeping and warmth during cold winters. Shepherds and travelers used the sheepskins for cloaks or coats to ward off the chill.

In modern times, we are not only concerned with warmth and comfort; we also desire to create a healthy environment. Because sheepskin is naturally hypo-allergenic, common allergens do not “lodge” in the fibers. Wool has a unique quality that repels small dust and dirt particles, so sheepskin rugs are easily cleaned by frequent shaking. Therefore, the use of sheepskin wool rugs in one’s home helps to keep the air cleaner and healthier, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

Modern leather tanning and curing methods have been developed to support a clean environment. Most wool processing establishments now make use of environmentally safe products for softening and preserving the wool and sheepskins. They recycle water and have developed some innovative water purification systems. Natural sheepskin rugs and wool products do not introduce harsh chemicals into your home, thus providing safer and cleaner air for your family.

Another health benefit of using sheepskin rugs and wool is their healing effect on skin lesions. Using a sheepskin pad under bedridden patients can alleviate bedsores. Medical bed pads have been developed that provide the cushioning comfort of wool with the ease of washing in a washing machine. The natural lanolin in wool often aids in healing and/or relieving itching and minor skin ailments.

Sheepskin wool possesses another unique quality of temperature regulation for the human body. It traps warmth around the body in cool weather, and provides a cooling effect during warm weather. Wrapping up in a soft sheepskin in the winter will keep the body warm and cozy. Use the same sheepskin in summer as a floor covering that will provide cool comfort for bare feet.

Lowering the allergen levels in your home by introducing natural sheepskin rugs and wool products will improve air quality for your family. Long-lasting, environmentally friendly wool rugs and other wool products, used in rooms throughout the home, will also provide luxurious soft texture of natural fibers for comfort in any season.