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Benefits of Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products If you will be using cleaning products for your home, choose the ones that are environmentally friendly ones. There are many benefits to be gained from these types of cleaning products. As a new year begins, so do many other things. Every year people make New Year’s Resolutions and the most common of these resolutions are about family time, fitness goals, weight loss, debt reduction, and health issues. Key to improving our health is to increase our green cleaning habits including the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Environmentally friendly cleaning products have really been around for many years now dating back when our grandmothers used vinegar and baking soda to clean items on a regular basis. For many today, we want the health benefits from using environmentally cleaning products, but we do not have either the time or the inclination to be mixing up our own home cleaning products from scratch. Today, we can almost read on any media articles that warn people of the harmful effects of toxic products and chemical based products that we can buy in the market today. But to counter these products, environmentally friendly products have come at the right time to provide great cleaning products for consumers.
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The problem with toxic products is that it is heightened in confined areas, so when we clean in small unventilated spaces such as a windowless bathroom, the level of cleaning chemicals in the air can be highly concentrated. If you hire cleanings for your home and they use toxic products then even if you are not directly dealing with the chemicals yourself, the residue that it leaves can still be harmful to your health.
News For This Month: Cleaning
The best way to choose sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning products is to check if they are nontoxic, fragrance free, bio-based products that were made using ingredients from plants, trees, or animals. It must be a product that has been formulated for cold water. They should not contain VOCs or organic chemicals that have a high vapor pressure at normal room temperature. And products which are biodegradable. Even if there are children in your home, if your cleaning products are non toxic then you don’t have a problem because they are perfectly safe. Before child safety locks were in place to keep toxins away from children but this is no longer necessary for non toxic products. You can even clean with your kids around when using non-toxic cleaners. You see toddler and preschooler crowd overs to hang around the parent, so it is perfectly fine form them to follow you and “help” as you scrub the bathroom counters. Cleaners using harmful chemicals is already a thing of the past. One of the many benefits of no chemical cleaning is that chemicals are no longer required. You should already eliminate all of your cleaning products that contain toxic, polluting chemicals. These cleaners create packaging waste that is disposed of in our already overloaded landfills.