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Super Five Quick Tips For Your Healthy Home

Healthy homes is unfortunately a totally novice term to most of us. This is solely because our homes are not factually clean in spite of our rigorous cleaning routines. And this in turn can be accredited to the unhygienic and dangerous toxins that enter our home without our attention!

The concept of healthy homes is however now gaining much popularity amongst many houses. It takes quite a lot to keep your home actually safe and sound for the beloved! Here are some quick tips to do so, without hampering your daily lifestyle. It means to say that you certainly would not have to spend extra hours doing so!

1.Circulation of clean and hygienic air. The Environmental Protection Agency had recently declared that indoor air pollution today is one of the top priorities among environmental concerns. Research also indicates that compared to the outdoor pollutant levels, the indoor pollutant levels are much exasperating.

But then there are simple methods in order to clean our homes’ indoor air. For instance, an Indoor Air Purifier can be installed; they are easily available in markets today. But natural fresh air can be compared to nothing else. So leave open doors and windows to ensure sufficient cross-ventilation. Most important, using indoor houseplants can help to a great extent to purify your home air.

2.Keep your home dust-proof It goes with saying that dusting is a crucial element of household cleaning. But then, it is often neglect due to boredom. The tile, flooring, carpets, rugs, fans, shades and drapes and almost every article needs to be dusted! Using a vacuum cleaner is a good deal. Dust particles at home irritate the nose and lead to severe diseases at a later age.

3.Utilization of non-toxic natural products to clean your home. It is quite obvious that when we think of cleaning our homes, we pick up those bright attractive bottles on the shelf such as detergents and cleaners. But then these products consist of chemicals that infuriate the eyes, throat and skin leading to harmful diseases. It is wise to go in for natural ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar and soda to clean.

For example: If you wish to make a glass cleaner, all you need to do is add two teaspoons of white vinegar to one quart of warm water. Mix them well and pour it into a spray-bottle. That should be simple for your healthy home!

4.Using nature friendly products, popularly known as ‘green products’ in your homes

A number of eco-friendly products are made available in the markets in awe to spread environment-protection. Products such as organic linens, clothing, pillows and beddings, cork-flooring and woolen carpets, toys and pet products, soap and detergents, candles and decor, and many more home items are available in the eco-friendly market.

5.Painting your homes with safer paints and white washes is yet another wise step towards a hygienic home in the true sense. They must be comprising of low volatile compounds, no formaldehyde in their composition and certainly must not emit an odor! If they do, do not opt for them!

Several simple steps towards keeping your home a ‘healthy home’ can be included in your daily routine and that can make a difference for your lifetime. With due passage of time, you would be in a position to admit this! So start today! Give your home a clean breath and sight, in the ‘true sense’!