Small Green HomesThe following are The Green House® Project answers to some of the regularly asked questions about the Green Property model of care. Some are much more high-priced than other folks, but the upside to this is that you know you are going to be purchasing a good quality house, and you can go and see already created residences just before deciding which design and style you’d like to have constructed. System offers net-zero sustainability in several of the company’s other styles as nicely, and considering that its founding in 2012 it has won various green building accolades, including a 2013 Green Washington award.

A radical departure from conventional nursing residences, the Green Property is a location where elders can acquire assistance and help with daily living and clinical care with out the assistance and care becoming the focus of their existence.

It is a superior concept to speak to your pals and neighbors who currently own these varieties of green residences prior to you start out constructing your own green home program. A number of of our homes featured in the last two year’s weekends – come and see what has changed in the final twelve months! In a world where the thought is that bigger is often much better, we really should strive to recall that men and women as soon as lived in small residences to get started with. That compares with about 15,700 nursing homes in the United States housing 1.4 million persons. Step into Porter Hills’ … Read More