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Things to Do In The Garden In October

In October, it is finally time to accept that summer is over, those last blooms in the garden are dying off and the days are getting shorter. The first frosts are just around the corner and by the end of the month the clocks will change. However, do not despair if you are itching to get on with some gardening as there is still plenty to do, and it is a great time to start thinking about next year.

Things to Do In The Garden In October

Fruit and Vegetable Jobs

  • Harvest late crops of pumpkins and squash, and store them in a frost free place to give you a supply through the winter.
  • Pick apples, pears, nuts and grapes and store them carefully.
  • Clear away tomatoes, peppers and aubergine plants as they finish fruiting and remove shading from the greenhouse.
  • Cut all the summer raspberries canes that bore fruit this year down to the ground, to leave the younger shoots to develop and fruit next year.
  • Plant peas and beans so they can get established over winter and they will reward you with crops up to a month before your neighbours.
  • Get the best choice of autumn planting garlic, shallots and spring onion varieties for the earliest crops next year.
  • Sow seeds of fast growing crops like salad leaf mixes. Include some in pots indoors to guarantee a supply over the next few months.


  • Plant scented daffodils in pots to have flowers in time for Christmas.
  • Plant swathes of bulbs, as many of each variety as you can squeeze in, to make a real impact in spring.
  • Tidy and cut back perennials, covering any tender ones with straw or a cloche to ensure they survive even the coldest nights.
  • Keep cutting dahlia flowers until the first frost, then dig up the tubers, dry them for a couple of weeks and store them in dry compost until next year.
  • Plant up spring pots using bedding plants like violas and wallflowers and put in a sheltered spot.

Other jobs

  • Feed the birds regularly, including plenty of high energy foods as it gets colder.
  • Turn the compost heap to aerate it, as oxygen is one of the key ingredients needed to produce your own crumbly soil improver successfully.
  • Give your lawn a treat by fertilising it and getting rid of moss and weeds using a multipurpose autumn lawn feed.
  • Have fun planning out how you want to change your garden for next year. If you are looking for inspiration, Instagram is full of beautiful garden ideas. Particularly recommended is Garden Club London, whose RHS gold medal winning team design gardens of all types and sizes.

Whichever jobs you choose to do in your garden this October, make sure that you enjoy it and , make sure to check out other articles at the Garden Club London.