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Tips to Freshen Your Home

A fresh healthy home is something we all strive for. There are several ways we can contribute to making the air in our home more fresh. First we can prevent the dirt, dust and allergens from entering our home. Second we can freshen the air that is already in our home.

Prevent dust and dirt from entering your home

Take your shoes off at the door. You will decrease the dirt and dust tracked into the house. Dirt and dust from outside can increase the allergens in your home. This dust also gets into the air and on your knick knacks and causes more housework.

If you have pets brush them regularly. If possible brush them outside the home. If they go outside try to clean their paws as they enter as well. (This has the same effect as you taking of your shoes)

Keep a door mat in front of the door to decrease dust and dirt from entering the home. I have one outside the door and another just inside. There are a lot of attractive mats that can add beauty to your home as well.

Clean the dryer vent. It can get blocked, which results in dust coming back into your home rather than being routed outside. Don’t forget to clean the lint trap in your dryer after every load as well.

Freshen the air in your home

Use plants that clean the air. Plants can help you maintain a fresh home by cleaning the air particles. There are a number of options for plants that can counteract chemicals in your home. Try the Areca or reed palm. The Boston fern, English Ivy or Rubber plant are also great choices.

Open the windows when the weather is nice to let fresh air in. The air in our homes can get very stagnant. Open windows on opposite sites of the room to encourage cross breezes to really get the air moving in your home.

Purchase better air filters for your furnace. Cheap ones do little to prevent dust.

Spray your air filter with a mix of water and an essential oil that cleans the air like the Purification from Young Living. This blend and other essential oils helps to purify the air and neutralize odors like mildew and cigarette smoke. (I recently used a spray to “neutralize” some funky smelling shoes and it worked like a charm)

Take your rugs outside and shake them. Now drape it over a clothesline or fence and beat them with a broom or whatever you have handy. (Your kids will have a lot of fun doing this so give them a dust mask and let them go to town!) This method will remove more dust than vacuuming the rug. Spray the rug with your water and Purification mix after the beating to get the most benefits when cleaning.

Fewer items and knick knacks result in less dust accumulating on shelves and higher locations. Dust is easier to clean from the floor than tiny crevices!

Tip: Treat yourself to fresh flowers regularly to make your home fresher and happier. Beautiful flowers will put a smile on your face.