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Uses and Benefits of Door Levers and Handles Door lever handles are exceptionally helpful whenever you need to get through a door with your hands full. This mechanism will not require your hands to turn the knob in order to get the door unlatched. You just need to apply small downward pressure and the door will unlatch easily. In addition, this mechanism will also allow people with dirty hands to pass through without the need to open touch the knob, they can simply push the lever with their elbows. Ease of Access Using door lever and door handlers are useful for businesses where people needs to move from one room to another smoothly. Door levers and handles are not just for commercial purposes, they also provide numerous benefits for your home. Having door handles and levers will allow you to open a door coming into a room quiet easily. In your home, for example, you can open a door from the garage with armloads of groceries or items and you do not even need a free hand to gain access. Lever and handles will save you time and effort of setting down your items to turn a knob or needing to go back and forth to bring in or out your items. This is also a great choice for older or disabled people who have issues with opening the doors insider their homes.
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Installing door lever handles are great for rooms that where grime or dirt may be a common problem. For example, you can install the door lever handles to your tool or garden shed to assist in making the door easier to open without the need to use your hands, which may be covered in dirt or grime. It is also easier to move your supplies from one area to another without extra effort. Another great place where you can have door lever and handles installed is on your bathroom doors, this can help prevent the spread of germs and other viral contaminants that come from door knobs touched by unwashed hands. Practical For Garages and Workshops Workshops and professional mechanic garages can use door lever handles between the shop and office or home. This way the doors are easy to open without getting grease or oil on the knobs. In addition, even when you have have clients or guests, you will always have a clean door when they come into the facility. Factories can also make use of this mechanism for exit and entry, especially if they handle dangerous chemicals or substances. This provide plenty of safety for your business, as well as, for your employees and workers. Handicap Accessibility These types of doors with lever handles can be installed into adjoining rooms that are used by patients on wheelchairs or handicapped.